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Nick Avătăji | Avocat penalist, Autor, Analist Tranzacțional Consiliere și organizațional, Coach, Facilitator Constelații Familiale, gazdă, Formator Autorizat, Dezvoltare personală, Autor joc Awakened Monkey® - The game - primul joc de societate 100% românesc prin materia analizei tranzacționale, Maimuțe la taifas, Cu trezirea la taifas. Noul Pământ. Podcast ConstelAȚii cu Nick și Andra

Nick Avătăji

After years of following my own individual psychotherapy process in the field of Transactional Analysis (TA), I have chosen to pursue training in this theory of personality. I now have supervised practice in two of the four domains of TA, namely counseling and organizational, and I am a member of the Romanian Association for Transactional Analysis (ARAT), the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA), and the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).

Subsequently, feeling that life has led me in this direction, I began training in family constellations, Bert Hellinger's method, with the intention that systemic therapy/facilitating family constellations will become my primary profession from January 2025, alongside my role as a transactional analyst.

Although my primary profession is that of a lawyer, which I still practice, I have felt a real alignment with what I have identified as my internal and external purpose.

What is my internal purpose? To be present. Whatever that may entail. To live every moment, however it may be, with all its feelings. Thus, I succeeded in writing my first book, "Gossiping Monkeys," which became a top 5 bestseller (published by Letras).

Since then, more and more beautiful people have come to me, for which I am extremely grateful. This openness of beautiful people has been a revelation as it has led me to my external purpose, namely to introduce them to the present moment.

Through continued training and supervised practice, I have realized that people's personal development process can also be fun. In this context, I started and successfully created the first 100% Romanian board game based on Transactional Analysis, thereby also registering the European trademark Awakened Monkey®, called "Awakened Monkey® - The game."

To reach as many people as possible with my message, I started creating content on TikTok (follow for more details) and have already written my second book, "Waking Up to Gossip. The New Earth."

You are important to me! Be important to yourself too!

Join me on the journey of discovering the most beautiful person you will ever meet: YOURSELF.

You can be! You are!


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